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Оборудование для широкоформатной печати и расходные материалы от компании «Wantong»

Фрезерно-гравировальные станки Artisman 7714KST3+1

26 000 000 ₸

  • В наличии
Фрезерно-гравировальные станки Artisman 7714KST3+1
Фрезерно-гравировальные станки Artisman 7714KST3+1В наличии
26 000 000 ₸
+7 (776) 280-11-11
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  • +7 (776) 280-22-22
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+7 (776) 280-11-11
с 9.0018.00,менеджер
  • +7 (776) 280-22-22
    с 9.0018.00,менеджер
  • +7 (776) 280-33-33
    с 9.0018.00,менеджер
  • +7 (777) 501-22-22
    с 9.0018.00,менеджер
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CNC Controller

Artisman VII


Artisman Keypad M6





Z AXIS CLEARANCE 180mm,220mm


Dust collecting device,high power spindle













Statement: The above specifications may be changed, please take all as Artisman factory-set standard.








S7 series machine is the most flexible machine of Artisman. It is mainly designed for high-speed cutting in such areas: wood industry, plastic industry and non-ferrous metal cutting areas in which industry the machine are all widely used. It is easy configure to meet the needs of most applications. The rigid all-steel structure design and space-saving mobile gantry design turn S7 series into a strong business level machine which mainly used to do the heavy-duty CNC numerical control cutting. With the largest table size and spindle configuration in the industry, S7 series machine is the ideal choice under the increasingly competitive manufacturing environment.

S7 series used the patented modular design of Artisman with the 200mm height of the beam, doing all kinds of mass production of standard components, not only the gantry, columns, table, but also the vacuum table and drive table can all be customized according to users’ needs. On the one hand it can shorten the delivery time, on the other hand it can meet various needs.
S7 series is equipped with the latest Artisman VII-B, VII-C streamlined design controller and using ultra-high-power AC stepper or AC servo which can meet the users’ needs for high-power processing.
The functions of S7 Series:
• All steel structure, heavy-duty machine table and gantry beam structure, structural stability.
• Equipped with Artisman VII-C type CNC AC servo controller, the fastest speeds can up to 60 m / min. The excellent control technology and the powerful engine made the S7 series perform outstanding in variety industrial applications. No matter the standardized mass production or the customized production can all be ease.
• The movable beam and fixed vacuum table design made both the processing and the application of S7 series can not only process the large parts, but also the small parts.
• Standard Ethernet or RS485 direct connections handheld keypad interface allows operator to set job parameters, job the machine, perform system tests and download jobs from a remote computer system
• Artisman unique controller, save your time save your money
• Max engraving speed: 25m/min (AC stepper) 40m/min (AC servo)
• Table size is designed according to the need. The choice of the spindle is also flexible
• Equipped with imported high-precision AC servo motor and planetary gear. 
• Selecting cable and guides of high quality
• High-precision X-axis doubled motor drive.
• X axis, Y axis and Z axis are all used by imported 25mm linear guide.
• Using Artisman CAN keypad which is easy to use.
• Standard Ethernet or RS232 direct connection
• Standard automatic tool setting device.
• The clear height of the gantry: 180 mm, 220 mm (optional)
• Standard Artisman Control Center ACC7.
• Supporting the multi-computer control and the internet download
• 512 flash memory, supporting SD card and USB.
• Standard latest professional Artcut three-dimensional sculpture software.

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  • Цена: 26 000 000 ₸